Food Bank of South Jersey

Food Bank Increases Donor Giving While Slashing Direct Mail Costs

The Food Bank of South Jersey is a hunger relief organization, and they were struggling to increase its fundraising ROI. While the organization continued to grow each year, average donations were too small to generate a positive return fast enough, especially with the growing cost of direct mail. As a result, the organization wanted to focus its resources on the donors and prospects that could generate the biggest returns – but they didn’t know who these people were!

They hired data mining experts, a direct mail vendor, and even tried IBM. Unfortunately, average donation amounts refused to increase and the organization was unable to identify and target individual donors who were likely make large contributions.

The organization turned to Arjuna Solutions. It wanted Persanalytix to help it achieve the following goals:

  • Increase average donation sizes
  • Reduce the cost of direct mail
  • Create a holistic profile of its most valuable donors

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