More Than Wheels

Financial Resource Organization Revitalizes its Growth Strategy Using Persanalytix®

More Than Wheels is a nonprofit that helps individuals with poor credit histories acquire affordable financing when purchasing a car. More Than Wheels focuses on teaching program participants financial management skills through seminars, counseling, and weekly check-ins.

Despite its success helping individuals lower default rates and acquire affordable auto loans, More Than Wheels has struggled to attract more program participants. The organization could not “make sense of [its] client data”, impairing its ability to formulate an effective growth strategy and identify performance issues sooner.

Terri Steingrebe, CEO of More Than Wheels, turned to Arjuna Solutions® in August. She asked Persanalytix® to help More Than Wheels achieve the following goals:

  • Identify the best metrics to use as early predictors of their business model’s ability to scale in size
  • Identify its “Best Participants”
  • Understand how to more effectively reach its “Best Participants”

More Than Wheels continues to make huge strides with our predictive analytics technology as they begin to understand the interests and motivations that drive their “Best Participants” and how to find more of them.

“Arjuna’s analytics and data management technology is fast becoming the nonprofit world’s most potent fundraising resource…” – CEO, More Than Wheels