First Book

E-Commerce Retailer Experiences a 720% Increase in Purchases from Email Marketing with Persanalytix®

First Book is an international distributor of high-quality books to disadvantaged youth. Today, the organization’s “chief growth lever” is an e-commerce marketplace where teachers and school administrators can register for an account and purchase books at substantially reduced prices on behalf of students.

While the number of account holders has grown substantially, First Book struggled to increase repeat sales and customer engagement. Exacerbating the situation, the organization operated on a “Frankenstein IT infrastructure” — creating a tangled web of incomplete and, at times, conflicting customer records. As a result, First Book was unable to discern “any pattern” or common set of characteristics identifying its best customers who were likely to make repeat purchases.

First Book turned to Arjuna Solutions®. It hoped Persanalytix® could help the organization leverage Big Data and predictive analytics to accomplish the following goals:

  • Identify the common characteristics among its best and worst customers
  • Predict which individual customers were most likely to engage in repeat sales
  • Cleanse and integrate historical records from across numerous disparate databases

Scroll below and you’ll see the tremendous results First Book has been experiencing with Persanalytix®!

“Arjuna’s work to analyze personalities and behavioral patterns will bring a sea change to the social sector as a whole” – CEO, First Book

331% Increase in Repeat Sales Success Rate

11 Billion Data Points Cleansed, Integrated and Supplemented

92.97% Accuracy Predicting Individual Customer Spend