Our Vision

Advancing technology to align donor passion with lifetime giving.


How we see Fundraising.

What if you could engage each donor like a major donor?  What if you had access to deep insights on their motivation, timing, and impact of givingwith no extra staff, no expensive lunches and no guess work bout how much they are willing to provide?


Imagine if you gain access to these insights in an economically viable, timely, precise manner for each individual donor…no matter what their level of giving.

That’s what we’re here to do.

Our Core Values



We believe in listening, learning and working hand-in-hand with your team toward your greatest long-term success. We’re always fully transparent and hope you find us down-to-earth.



Arjuna’s dedication to our nonprofit clients means we authentically place your needs and delivering value to you above all else. We always challenge ourselves to improve in every way.



With deep backgrounds in the math and the science of Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Economics, we demand the highest levels of precision, insight and performance



Making things easy for you is the outcome of mastering the complexities of A.I. technology through elegant formulas and simple processes. We even make the business end of things simple too.

Who We Are

We’re a team of advanced technology professionals, passionate about making society better by uncovering fundamental truths in donor behavior. We’re driven by the joy of creating advanced, yet simple-to-use services to help nonprofits expand their impact and achieve the most complete version of their missions.



Adam Treiser, CEO

Arjuna Solutions Founder and CEO, Adam Treiser, is a respected pioneer in big data analytics and marketing. Adam invented, patented and built the first A.I. predictive analytics solution that delivers predictions on an individual level which became Arjuna’s first product, ExactAsk. Adam’s vision and application of A.I. and reinforced machine learning takes marketing analytics from understanding group behavior to understanding individual behavior at scale. For the first time, nonprofit organizations are able to personalize pricing and messaging uniquely to each individual donor.

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Michael Gorriarán, President

Michael Gorriarán is Arjuna’s President. He is a globally experienced technology sector executive with an extensive career spanning over thirty years at Microsoft and Xerox leading complex, high-growth, cloud services, enterprise software, outsourcing, and professional services businesses. He is known for his leadership prowess developing and implementing digital disruption strategies with partners for Enterprise, Corporate, SMB, and Government Agencies around the world.

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Rachel (Bender) Michele, CTO

Rachel is Arjuna’s Chief Technology Officer and head of operations for 7 years. She delivers a unique blend of technical, managerial, and executive experience in support of product development, A.I., process automation, data visualization, infrastructure, strategic planning, forecasting and company operations.

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Steve Goodman, CRO

Stephen Goodman is Chief Relationship Officer at Arjuna Solutions. Stephen heads up Partnerships for Arjuna, primarily focusing on developing Go To Market strategies for working with marketing agencies for non profits.  With ExactAsk, Arjuna Solutions’ signature A.I. service, Goodman has been able to merge some of his greatest passions, marketing and fundraising.

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Joshua Krisiloff, VP of Analytics

Joshua Krisiloff is an expert in the fields of big data and predictive modeling. Using his experience with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, advanced mathematical modeling, and software development, Josh is responsible for the continuing development of the analytics behind ExactAsk and all Arjuna products.

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 Jeremy Rupp, VP of Data

Jeremy is the VP of Data Solutions at Arjuna and he is responsible for the data intake, processing, quality control, delivery, and reporting of all Arjuna products. He joins the team with extensive experience analyzing, managing, and investigating large, complex data sets across a wide range of industries.

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Contact Information

Arjuna Solutions 
712 H Street NE Unit #922
Washington DC 20002
Phone: 1-855-408-1313

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