Arjuna Academy

Analytics Training for Business Leaders

Arjuna Academy provides customized, one or two-day on-site management education programs that enable key employees to extract the greatest possible value from new data-based technologies.
These programs are not technical IT seminars. Quite the opposite. They are practical, usable presentations and discussions that explain to business leaders how creative and intelligent data management can pave the way to increased sales, higher earnings, and overall organizational efficiency.
One-Day Arjuna Academy Seminar
Day 1 Agenda: Spend the morning examining the promise of Big Data, how your competitors are using it and how to make its insights more accessible. Over lunch, hear about the ROI Big Data delivers, then breakout into groups in the afternoon to discuss and build a data management action plan for your organization.
Two-Day Arjuna Academy Seminar
Day 2 Agenda: Broken into two targeted sessions for marketing and sales (morning) and HR (afternoon), the     morning session demonstrates how to use predictive analytics to identify prospects, prevent attrition and close the deal. The afternoon session focuses on using predictive analytics for hiring, recruitment, succession planning and employee relations.
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