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Last month was quite busy for Arjuna Solutions as team members were scattered throughout Washington, D.C. holding speaking engagements at a local university and at an educational conference. In particular, Arjuna’s Marketing & Sales Manager, Tatiana Bertolo, was invited to speak to George Washington University (GWU) undergraduate students and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students on “The Power of Predictive Personas”. The presentation was well received by students as they began to understand the importance of using predictive analysis to create customer segments (i.e. “personas") in order to build marketing and communication strategies and tactics that specifically target these personas.

Dr. Salah S. Hassan, a marketing professor at the GWU School of Business stated, "Tatiana delivered two exceptional presentations to my students last month. Both of my undergrad and MBA students were truly impressed by the contents and examples provided within her presentation on predictive personas and how it is impacting a marketer's role in today's business landscape. As a former student of mind, I am proud to see her grow into an outstanding professional executive speaker."

Arjuna’s Chief Relationship Officer, Steve Goodman, was invited to speak at the annual SEME event held at the Verizon center and American University this past March. The SEME (“Sports and Events Marketing Experience”) conference has been around for over 10 years selling out every year with up to 1,000 attendees each year. The audience consists of sports and events professionals looking to break into the industry and guest speakers consists of sport and event professionals from the media, leagues, brands, agencies, nonprofits and much more. With Goodman’s background in sports and with his recent experience at Arjuna, Goodman was part of one of SEME’s breakout sessions as he hosted a roundtable discussing the impact predictive analysis has had on the sports industry.

Matt Winkler, founder and executive director of SEME stated, “It was great having Steve Goodman attend the 2015 SEME Conference. Steve has been a long time participant of our events, but this year was all the more special due to the relevance that analytics, and specifically predictive marketing analytics, have taken in the sports, events and marketing landscape. We are looking forward to more great things from Steve and Arjuna Solutions in the future”.

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