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Arjuna Solutions’ Dr. Karin Remington joined a panel of 19 technology and data leaders for the Commerce Department's Data Advisory Council's (CDAC) inaugural meeting. Panel members from PayPal, Google, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft and others provided recommendations to the Commerce department on ways it can revolutionize its data. The two day meeting held at Google offices in Washington, D.C. produced an open dialog designed to enable public and private sectors the ability to speak freely on the topic of data. The goal of this and future meetings is for the Commerce Department to incorporate the private and public sector’s best data practices with the goal of leading them to new insights, innovation, and jobs.

The first day of the meeting focused on the current state of data within the Commerce Department with presentations from the Census Bureau, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Patent & Trademark Office, Bureaus of Economic Analysis, National Technical & Informational Services Bureau, and the International Trade Administration. The end of the day saw the panel breakout into small groups to provide feedback on the following topics:

  • User operability;
  • Data dissemination and use;
  • Return on investment for data

Dr. Remington added, "I was really impressed by the energy expressed by Commerce at CDAC. The Commerce Department is not just following a mandate, they are truly excited about the possibilities that lie within their data. From Secretary Pritzker to her staff supporting the meeting, the Commerce Department as a whole is committed to making a difference, getting the data out in a way that helps individuals, young companies and established companies. Through this effort, they have also set a standard that other federal agencies can follow."

The meeting was a fascinating dialog between many of the best minds in data. The broad topics discussed illustrated the wide range of skills each of the panelists brings to the table. The data challenges the Commerce Department faces are not unique to the private and public sectors. The Commerce department hopes to make great strides in improving its data by making data more accessible, transparent user-friendly. Their willingness to take feedback and make improvements gives everyone an optimistic look about the future of government data.


Written by: Andrew Bostjancic, Marketing & Data Analysis Intern @ Arjuna Solutions

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