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Spring has sprung, which means that days are getting longer, temperatures are rising, kids are craving summer vacation, and smart nonprofits are already planning for “Giving Tuesday”, which as we all know will arrive in a proverbial blink of an eye -- as it always does!

What is Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday – which is tagged across social media as "#GivingTuesday" – is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving (in 2016, this will fall on November 29). Just as how retailers and e-tailers target Black Friday and Cyber Monday, nonprofits view Giving Tuesday as one of the most important days on their annual calendar; not just because it is an international day of volunteering and giving, but also because it is the unofficial kickoff of the critically important holiday giving season.

Making the Most of Giving Tuesday

The good news for nonprofits, is that there is an abundance of excellent and practical advice on how they can shift their Giving Tuesday preparations into gear. The website has some excellent tools, and offers templates for building Giving Tuesday online campaigns.

These are just two examples – there are thousands of articles and tools online provided by organizations worldwide. It is all very interesting and inspiring, and nonprofits who do some research will find everything from campaign ideas, to best practices and more.

The Missing Piece of the Giving Tuesday Puzzle

However, despite the fact that there are plenty of Giving Tuesday tips and tools available online, there is nevertheless a missing piece of the puzzle that can make all the difference between runaway success, and disappointing underperformance: personalized ask amounts.

That is, nonprofits that want to make the most of this crucial day – and indeed, the entire holiday giving season – should ensure that they use personalized ask amounts across all of their campaigns being sent out to their existing donor base. The operative word here is “personalized”. Simply asking for an amount based solely on capacity (i.e. wealth) is not effective, because there is no rational reason to expect that donors will actually give that amount. In this sense, relying on capacity alone is really more of a hope than it is a request.

However, by factoring in willingness (e.g. online behavior and engagement with your specific organization), nonprofits can lock onto an exact ask amount, which has been scientifically determined to be affordable and agreeable to existing donors. In other words, more donors contribute AND they contribute at the exact level they are asked!

The Bottom Line

It is never too early to start planning for Giving Tuesday, because as we all know, time flies and November is “right around the corner!”

In your nonprofit, as you put together your Giving Tuesday strategies and campaigns, we encourage you to explore how personalized ask amounts – which as noted above, are based on capacity AND willingness – can help you generate more contributions from existing and future donors, and make this Giving Tuesday your nonprofits best ever!

Learn More

To learn more about personalized ask amounts, download our latest case study here.

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