Nonprofits: 5 Critical Steps To Choosing the Right Marketing Agency

April 28, 2016 0 Comments

Nonprofits often find it valuable to work with a marketing agency to design and execute various programs and campaigns, or possibly work at a higher level on vision and strategy. However, while some nonprofits reap impressive rewards from these relationships, others find the experience underwhelming, or in some cases, fruitless.

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Predictive Lead Prioritization Helps B2C Businesses Succeed

June 30, 2015 0 Comments

In order to get to the next stage of growth, some B2C companies have started borrowing a tactic from the B2B lead generation playbook by using Predictive Lead Scoring (PLS) to rank their prospects or leads, and determine the best engagement strategy.

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Arjuna's CRO Recognized With Georgetown Award

May 17, 2015 0 Comments

We’re so proud of Steve Goodman, Arjuna Solutions' Chief Relationship Officer, who was recognized with an Excellence in Teaching Award for the 2014-2015 academic year at Georgetown University. Steve has a been a professor within Georgetown’s Sports Industry Management (SIM) graduate program since 2010, teaching classes such as “Sports Marketing Strategies, Sports Leadership, Management & Entrepreneurship, and Sales, Promotion & Revenue Generation”. Steve has elevated the SIM program with his unwavering commitment and contributions through educating, challenging, mentoring and inspiring his students.

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Timing Your E-Mails Is More Science Than Art

March 19, 2015 0 Comments

You’ve crafted a powerful message, sure to engage your audience. The e-mail is well-written, nicely laid out, and carefully designed to hit all the important criteria of an effective e-mail (click the following link to visit our "8 Steps for Effective Engaging Emails" blog article]. Now it’s time to make what may be the most important decision of all: When should you time your emails? Despite all the things you’ve done right, if it doesn’t get opened and read, it’s a flop. Timing – it turns out – is everything.

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How To Supercharge Your Email Marketing w/ Predictive Analytics

November 19, 2014 0 Comments

Email Marketing has never been more alive than it is today – it’s simply the most effective way to keep customers and prospects engaged with your organization. But, as marketers, your most time-consuming task is creating an email list of people that should be targeted with a specific campaign that will generate a desired outcome, whether it’s increased revenue, donations, purchases, or clicks. You find yourself slicing and dicing your customer base for hours, trying to come up with the perfect list. A marketer’s dream is being able to quickly segment a customer base into healthy email lists, but according to the Marketing Sherpa 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report:

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Arjuna's CRO Joins Local Nonprofits at 11th Annual SneakerBall

September 25, 2014 0 Comments

Known as one of DC’s signature galas and charity fundraisers, the SneakerBall event has had a profound social impact on the greater Washingtonian community bringing together leaders from business, sports, politics and local nonprofits. It is the only black tie and sneaker gala that celebrates the best of sports in the Greater Washington, DC region while helping to raise money for the DC Special Olympics and Greater Washington Sports Alliance Foundation.

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