Arjuna Solutions Around Town

April 8, 2015 0 Comments

Last month was quite busy for Arjuna Solutions as team members were scattered throughout Washington, D.C. holding speaking engagements at a local university and at an educational conference. In particular, Arjuna’s Marketing & Sales Manager, Tatiana Bertolo, was invited to speak to George Washington University (GWU) undergraduate students and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students on “The Power of Predictive Personas”. The presentation was well received by students as they began to understand the importance of using predictive analysis to create customer segments (i.e. “personas") in order to build marketing and communication strategies and tactics that specifically target these personas.

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Is Your Marketing Content Turning Leads Into Sales?

December 9, 2014 0 Comments

The phrase “Content is King” continues to be a major buzzword in our daily lives, but being able to measure marketing content and truly understand its bottom line effect is still a mystery for so many organizations. Content is only “King” when it’s the driving factor that turns leads into sales. To get to “King” status, you must couple your content with a marketing analytics platform because it will provide you with actionable insights into your customers and prospects making it much easier to create your next set of targeted marketing campaigns. But first, let’s define “marketing analytics”:

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