Posted by Tatiana Bertolo on July 21, 2014 0 Comments

Even founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, has the term “data quality” spelled out on sticky notes all over his Ferrari. Amazon’s data-centric customer strategy is the x-factor strategy that all CEO’s want to emulate. It was no easy task for Bezos to get there, and it continues to be his top priority today.

Long gone are the days where companies had to buy expensive in-house IT systems to collect and organize their data. Companies of all shapes and sizes are now slowly shifting to cloud-based analytical software for a fraction of the price, but they’re having a difficult time creating a data quality plan as they begin to integrate their data. With legacy IT Systems holding critical data and unstructured data found in the real world, CEO’s at every company must create a data quality plan. Before creating this plan, these are three questions that can help get you started:

  • How do I assess the quality of the data being integrated if moving onto one platform?
  • How do I decide which data is worth cleansing?
  • How do I set up continuous monitoring to maintain accurate reporting and analytics?

Starting out with these broader questions will help you identify specific issues that can fuel your bottom line. Remember, your customer data can be your rocket fuel to your Ferrari’s engine. If you allow dirty pollutants (“dirty data”) to engulf your engine, your accelerated pace will come to an abrupt halt. Jeff Bezos never allowed this to happen to his Ferrari, so come along for the ride and let us help you fuel your Ferrari’s engine as we begin to shine our bright lights on the importance of data quality with future blog posts.

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