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Everything you need to know to optimize lifetime donor giving.


I’m interested, how do I get started?

Great! We are excited to talk with you. Click on the “Talk to an expert” button at the top of the navigation bar and submit the form. We will schedule a meeting with you shortly to learn more about your fundraising practices and program goals. We will also provide you with an overview of Arjuna’s services and discuss the process for getting started with an ExactAsk pilot. There is nothing to deploy, no specialists to hire or software and hardware to purchase. Once the paperwork is signed, our customers begin using our services after one short discussion.

What does Arjuna do?

Arjuna provides a service that retains donors while improving fundraising levels for nonprofits through our advanced form of artificial intelligence.  We use your existing data, our algorithms and A.I. experts to arrive at real-time, personalized ask amounts, optimized to each specific donor based on real-time market conditions. We have proven that by asking the correct amount of each donor in real-time at the moment of each solicitation we can sustain donor participation while improving donor giving levels by 18+% in the first 12 months of use. Giving performance continues to improve through continuous use over time. 

How do you differ from other companies that talk about Artificial Intelligence?

Most A.I. is little more than automation or repetition of basic functions and not real learning. No one else leverages the power of Behavioral Economics with A.I. and machine learning to uncover the deep insights into your donor behavior. Our unique algorithms combine all of it and they precisely predict ask amounts for each unique donor in your database and improve your fundraising in real-time. We have proven asking the right amount increases lift in donor giving and decreases donor attrition.

How does Arjuna achieve such great results?

We bring together Behavioral Economic Modeling and real-time A.I. algorithms, unlike anyone else, to create personalized ask amounts that tell nonprofits exactly how much to ask from each unique donor. Arjuna’s patented algorithms learn from your donor’s behavior every single time you contact them.

These dynamically personalized gift arrays are retargeted and improve each time a new mailing or solicitation is mailed.  We have proven after delivering the right “ask amount” each time, you will experience an increase in giving while sustaining donor participation rates.

Our clients continue to renew our services and fuel their growth.

What is the net benefit of working with Arjuna?

Our patented algorithms allow you to treat every single donor with insights on giving behavior that are typically reserved for major donors. When you utilize Arjuna’s real-time behavioral economic modeling and A.I., you will uncover the giving behavior of each individual donor, providing you with the real-time insight on the precise amounts to ask at the moment the donor is solicited. We help you maximize the gift-giving potential of every single donor, individually and continuously improve it over time, reliably.

How does this global pandemic factor into Arjuna’s net benefit?

Now, more than ever, every single donor counts for so much. So it is much more critical than ever to know exactly what each individual donor WANTS to give. We are always measuring today’s desire to give at the optimal level. This can change quickly in today’s volatile environment, and we are excited about our ability to continue delivering strong giving improvements throughout the pandemic. You have to be right, right now or suffer a much longer downturn in fundraising.

Arjuna’s Behavioral Economics Modeling and real-time A.I. Algorithms mean fast, flexible and highly intuitive responses to fast-changing circumstances and how these conditions influence donor decisions. Being able to understand each donor, uniquely at scale in real-time during today’s volatile environment has allowed our clients to continue to increase average donor giving levels as well as sustain participation, amazingly.

How much is it?

Our mission is to support nonprofits and optimize their fundraising so they can support their missions. We are designed to be a very cost-effective solution with simple pricing and no commitments. You simply purchase the number of decisions or gift arrays you need for your campaigns. We have proven over time that we can consistently deliver an average of $3.07 for every $1.00 invested, providing a strong business case for using our A.I. services. Contact us today for a quick proposal.

Is there a long-term contract?

No long-term contracts. You simply purchase the number of decisions or gift arrays that you need for your campaign solicitations.

How long does it take to get started?

Once we have your data to feed into the algorithm, we can provide you with the gift arrays for your campaigns within 10 days. We do it all quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to train or disrupt your fundraising processes to start improving results. There are no startup costs and no software or systems to buy. We work with you and/or your marketing agency and we fit into your existing fundraising systems and campaign schedules.

Will it disrupt/delay my current production schedule?

No, we fit seamlessly into your existing processes and procedures, and we can work with any agency partners or printing houses involved in supporting your campaigns.

We already have a marketing agency- is that OK?

Absolutely. We work with all marketing agencies regularly, seamlessly adapting to your existing process, practices and procedures.

How long does it take to see results?

Our clients begin to see results after the first round, but it typically takes 3 rounds of solicitations with complete learning cycles for Arjuna’s A.I. to be fully optimized. Within 12 months, our clients see an 18+% average lift in giving and this increases over time with continuous use.

Our nonprofit is unique- will it work for us?

Yes. Arjuna’s patented algorithms have been refined through hundreds of millions of gift array calculations. Our A.I. Services have consistently performed well across a variety of nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions.

What type of data do you need?

We need basic donor demographic, transaction history and any other interactive donor data you have available in-house, i.e. RSVP’s to events etc. In other words, we use the data you already have about your donors. While not necessary, we can also incorporate any additional donor-specific data fields that you acquire from third party organizations about your donors.

What type of campaigns does this work on?

Our services work on all types of solicitation campaigns for individual donors. We have worked with clients on their renewal, lapsed, deep lapsed, warm acquisition, cold acquisition, special appeals, additional gifts, newsletters etc. We work with all communications channels including direct mail, email and telemarketing.

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