Marketing intelligence at your fingertips.

Persanalytix® works by providing marketers with the means to increase revenue and acquire more customers with fewer resources through the better use of data. Persanalytix® delivers to marketers insights about their current and potential customers’ personal preferences, personalities and behavioral propensities that would normally be available only through expensive and time consuming focus groups, surveys or market research. The insights provided allow marketers to better understand their customer base in order to produce more effective and more appropriately targeted marketing campaigns.


Your Data Integrated.

Measuring marketing ROI is a challenge because it's difficult to directly connect marketing tools (channels, offers, campaigns, CRM, email, direct mail, social media) to specific transactions or customer responses.

Persanalytix® can integrate and connect information about your customers and prospects to engagement and transaction data - across sources or channels, whether inbound, outbound, online or offline, providing a holistic view of your customers and prospects and a deeper understanding of the ways in which your marketing efforts interact and influence each other. We integrate custom sources as well as standard sources such as Salesforce, Constant Contact, Facebook, MailChimp, HubSpot, and Blackbaud.

It Thinks.

Our Persanalytix® predictive analytics engine runs on groundbreaking patent-protected, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. Persanalytix's® proprietary algorithms analyzes billions of data points, uncovering hidden patterns and trends in your data, and providing you with valuable predictive insights.

Products protected by U.S. Patent 8341101, Patent 8478702 and Patent 8943004. Additional patents pending.


Your Personas Delivered.

Persanalytix® dives deeper and goes beyond mere demographics to deliver you insights into your customers and prospects in the only way that matters - by their natural propensity to engage with your organization.

Persanalytix® classifies your customers and prospects into Personas defined by their scientifically predicted propensity to respond favorably or unfavorably to your engagement efforts. This allows you to reduce marketing waste and design more efficient, better targeted marketing campaigns.

Get Results.

Persanalytix® is a dynamic platform that updates the predictive insights as data is refreshed, allowing you to experiment with new messages, campaigns and strategies, while measuring the results against past performance or against predicted values.

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