Not all customers are created equal.

The key to getting more customers and growing revenue is to engage and retain the right customers. Valuable customers—the ones that drive revenue— need your product or service, and are highly likely to pay what you’re asking for. Persanalytix® identifies insights and predicts customer potential to help you get the right customers to drive bottom line growth.

Reach out to customers at exactly the right time
With more and more content competing for your customers’ attention, it’s vital your message reaches them at exactly the right moment. Persanalytix® identifies the time your customers and prospects are most likely to be receptive, increasing the visibility and traction of your marketing efforts.
Tailor your message for maximum impact
Still sending everyone the same message? The key to a successful marketing campaign is a message that resonates with the audience and spurs them to take action.  Persanalytix® helps you personalize your marketing efforts and tailor your message by identifying the natural propensities and specific characteristics of your customers or prospects, making it easy to create motivating content that will command your customers or prospects to buy from you.
Optimize your marketing content and tactics
Competition is fierce, so it’s important to create marketing messages to set your organization apart. Persanalytix® analyzes the content of your marketing messages to identify the topics and offers that attract the most customers to help you get—and keep—customers interested.
Identify which prospects will become your best customers
Conversion is harder and more expensive when marketing efforts are wasted on prospects uninterested in becoming customers. Persanalytix® identifies—with greater accuracy—which prospects are more likely to convert and behave like your best customers by evaluating their interests, values and personalities through the content they read and write. Persanalytix® also pinpoints which topics, messages and keywords will help them convert.
Measure and predict which marketing tools deliver the best ROI
Measuring marketing ROI is a challenge because it’s difficult to directly connect marketing tools (channels, offers, campaigns) to specific transactions or customers. Persanalytix® integrates online and offline marketing data to correlate which tools prompted a sale, so the next time you send out a campaign, you know who to target and with what type of message/channel.
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