Maximize the gift giving potential of every donor.

Insights into individual donor sentiment and giving behavior revealed in real-time. 

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ExactAsk knows exactly how much to ask. Of each particular person. And it keeps learning how to produce the most relevant and effective individual gift arrays over time. So, you can do more. And deliver more good to the world.

  • Improve lifetime giving from donors

  • Sustain participation rates

  • Reactivate lapsed donors, and at newly optimized giving levels

  • Convert newly acquired donors at more optimized giving levels too

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Targeted at Lapsed and Special Appeal campaigns, ExactDonor determines precisely whom to solicit today. This technology service improves the likelihood of giving, while lowering the expense and brand damage associated with excessive solicitations.

  • Improve the likelihood of giving
  • Get the timing of the solicitation right
  • Reduce donor solicitation fatigue
  • Improve fundraising efficiency

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Arjuna's next product in development is targeted at answering the question of when to ask whom?  This A.I. technology under development addresses donor fatigue by telling nonprofits when is the right time to ask donors and can do this individually at scale. 

  • Get the timing and cadence of campaigns right
  • Create the optimal calendar at the unique donor level
  • Sustain donor participation and brand equity without over soliciting

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