Meet Our Leadership

Adam Treiser, J.D.

Arjuna Solutions Founder and CEO, Adam Treiser, is a respected pioneer in big data analytics and marketing.  Adam invented, patented and built the first predictive analytics platform that delivers predictions on an individual level.  This approach moves marketing analytics from understanding group behavior to understanding individual behavior.  The result is that for the first time, organizations are able to personalize marketing messages and communications uniquely to each individual.

Arjuna Solutions’ product for nonprofits, ExactAsk, has enabled nonprofits to increase the amount of revenue earned from every direct marketing message they send by $.29 – representing an 18% increase in campaign revenue. This offers immense potential for nonprofits, which collectively send over 200 billion email, direct mail, and telemarketing messages annually.

Adam’s vision and leadership is also revolutionizing the business model for direct marketing data analytics, transforming it from an industry where fees were based on the cost of performing the analysis into an industry where fees are based on the amount of value the analytics provides for customers. In lieu of paying monthly subscription fees or hourly consulting fees, organizations and direct marketing agencies are now able to purchase individual predictions or bundles of predictions, making predictive analytics and individually personalized content attainable for organizations of all sizes.

With his deep experience in consumer analytics and marketing, Adam is regularly invited to speak at industry roundtables, conferences, and major events, including those held by the American Marketing Association, NYPAY, TechCon for public media, and the Ideagen Summit for Global Good, among others.

As a lecturing professor at The Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, Adam teaches business analytics and is a member of the team designing a curriculum for a new degree in business analytics.

Adam holds a number of patents related to individual-level data analysis, dynamic content personalization, persona segmentation, and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Adam spent his early career as a corporate tax attorney working with major Fortune 500 companies and national non-governmental organizations, developing an appreciation of the practical realities and key data gaps facing most corporate decision-makers.  Before that, Adam worked for David Falk, the sports agent who revolutionized the sports, retail, and marketing industries by creating the iconic “Jordan” brand of Nike products and marketing – a decision that continues to be one of the most successful examples of personalized marketing to this day.