Meet Our Leadership

Karin Remington, Ph.D.
Dr. Karin Remington is a leader in the field of data science. Prior to joining Arjuna Solutions, Karin was the Director of the (NIH) National Institute of General Medical Sciences’ Division of Biomedical Technology, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology, where she was responsible for a program focused on developing and researching projects that integrate biology with computer sciences, engineering, mathematics, physics, and technology.

Karin also served as Co-Chair of the White House Big Data Initiative and the Congressional Big Data Steering Group. As Co-Chair, Karin helped lead the effort to identify and develop technologies that improve our ability to extract knowledge and insights from large amounts of digital information.

At Celera Genomics, where Karin served as the Senior Scientist of Informatics Research, she was a lead contributor in developing the algorithms and software that decoded the human genome for the first time.

Recently, Karin was named one of the country’s “150 Best and Brightest” individuals working on cutting-edge technology by the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative.