Meet Our Leadership

Rachel Bender
Rachel Bender specializes in developing data-driven solutions and delivering business insights through the use of advanced analytics, forensic data science, and data visualization. Rachel is Arjuna’s product development leader, ensuring our products are always on the cutting edge, easy to use and provide value to our Clients. Prior to joining Arjuna Solutions, Rachel led a forensic data analytics team as a manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Her team was deployed in response to some of the largest cyber breaches, financial crimes, and regulatory investigations in U.S. history, routinely requiring her team to parse through billions of records across disparate databases and data sets. Rachel has also led numerous multidisciplinary teams on projects concerning matters of U.S. national security.

Rachel also designs and develops data visualization tools, and has served as a guest lecturer at Universities and professional organizations throughout the United States.