Boost Your Marketing ROI with Persanalytix®

Arjuna Success Story: Food Bank of South Jersey

“So powerful, I am beyond trying to put my appreciation into words…”

“For the first time, I am really feeling our business problems can be solved…”

Terri Steingrebe
CEO, More Than Wheels
“Adam’s participation in NYPAY’s Big Data discussion made it one of the best-attended event NYPAY has organized.”

“There is much in the press these days about Big Data, but little concrete [evidence] about how it can help business. Adam provided that missing element with examples of Persanalytix® successes, and our attendees appreciated it.
David True
President, NYPAY

“Persanalytix® is radically changing the way we do direct mail. It studies our donors through algorithms to determine their propensity to give to us. After about two months, we are getting better results than we did with Russ Reid, but at half the cost! We have taken our direct mail on ourselves with this technology and it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made.

It’s portable to any device and you don’t need IT involved at all other than at the very initial stages. After that, users can begin working with it easy.

His team of extremely smart people are of the best in this space and their commitment to quality and wanting to exceed our expectations has made this one our great partnerships.”

Val Traore
CEO, Food Bank of South Jersey

“Dramatically influenced the way we think through growth strategies…”

“Opened our eyes to new way of reaching and boosting our engagement with the population we serve…”

Kyle Zimmer
CEO, First Book

“Arjuna has opened a box of treasures…”

“This technology is pregnant with all types of possibilities for our organization…”Val Traore

Val Traore
President & CEO, Food Bank of South Jersey

“Arjuna’s analytics and data management technology is fast becoming the nonprofit world’s most potent fundraising resource…”

“In a side-by-side comparison, Arjuna rated #1 among all other data management providers…”

Curt Weeden
President, Business and Nonprofit Strategies

“Arjuna and the Persanalytix® tool has completely revolutionized our strategy, and in three short months, yielded incredible results. By providing First Book with 4 key personas and the statistically significant demographics and psychographics that define these personas, First is able to use Persanalytix® to predict what customers are most likely to respond to our marketing. This insight has enabled us to further refine our messaging  to be more relevant and impactful, and through this process we have reduced the number of “wasted” emails and unsubscribes.

As a result of our work together, First Book has experienced a 35% increase in sales in the last 3 months that can directly be tied to the predictive analytics provided, and have only begun to scratch the surface of this powerful tool.”

Becki Last
VP of Engagement, First Book